The 2nd pilot of SCENE Project, conducted in January 28th-30th, in Portugal, was hosted by VisionWare, with the presence of AlmavivA (Italy) and JCP-Connect (France).

The Portuguese Use Case (Abusive Parking) set the scenario for the pilot. A prototype sensor equipped with a camera was used during the tests. For that reason, Metric4, the entity responsible for the co-development of the prototype sensor with VisionWare, was also invited.

For this trial, the main purpose was to guarantee that the sensor was communicating positively with the SCENE Intelligent Gateway (IGW, set in office) and that the Intelligent Gateway was able to forward the received sensor data to the SCENE Central Service Platform. Another important goal has been tested, the communication between an external application and the SCENE API layer to read the processed IoT data.

Because the test involved collecting sensitive data – such as license plates – VisionWare decided to execute the 2nd pilot in the free technological zone (ZLT) of Matosinhos, with the collaboration of the Centre of Engineering and Product Development (CEiiA).

For the first two days, the partners executed several tests and were able to verify that the sensor was working perfectly and that all the data were available for the final users.

On the third day, the results were publicly demonstrated to local and national press and to the municipality of Matosinhos – represented by a city councilor.

A car was deliberately parked in an abusive way and the sensor was able to, in a first moment, register the license plate, date and time of the abusive parking and, in a second moment (a pre-defined time), to confirm the event with a second photo to be sent to the IGW and, then, to SCENE Service Platform.

We were very pleased with the fact that the sensor was able to blur any other data of the imageonce one of the main concerns of the project, and of this particular use case, isPrivacy. We even did the test with people to guarantee that their identity was respected – and we did it!

The 2st SCENE pilot fully achieved its objectives and we were able to keep up with the great work started in December, in Catania!

But there’s still a lot to work on. Rennes waits for us!