The 1st pilot of the SCENE Project, conducted last week, December 11th – 13th, in Italy, was hosted by Azienda Metropolitana Transporti Catania (AMT) with the presence of AlmavivA (Italy), JCP- Connect (France) and VisionWare (Portugal).

The Italian use case (Infrastructure Monitoring) set the scenario for the pilot. Two programmable sensors and four commercial BLE were used during the tests.

The programmable sensors, based on Raspberry technology, were designed internally to prove the effectiveness of using low cost devices and test the performance of the entire SCENE platform as well as its programmability – they were equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes and thermometer modules. The BLE sensors, were commercial of-the-shelf Bluetooth BLE beacon accelerometers sensors.

The Intelligent Gateways (IGWs), placed in the buses,  is the main decentralized hub of the SCENE platform,  which has WiFi and BLE interfaces. The IGW has key modules that collect, parse, processes and transmit sensor data in real-time to the Service Platform. In parallel to sensor data transmission, the content delivery is an important module in IGW, which provides the content to the end-user within its WiFi coverage area. 

The IoT Data gathered by all the deployed IGWs are forwarded to the Service Platform, the central core of the SCENE Platform for data collection. It offers advanced Analytics functions and allows customers to access their own data by a set of standard APIs.

In the pilot, 4 AMT buses were equipped with Intelligent Gateways (IGWs). Three spent the days in service around Catania and one was set aside for the consortium to design specific test cases.

After deploying all the sensors in some walls of an historical AMT building that sits on the top of the construction site of the subway, the partners started the Pilot to gather IoT data. Additionally, they got on an AMT bus to circulate around the test site in order to verify the Content Delivery functionalities inside the bus.

During that period, they were able to verify that the IoT sensors successfully registered data on the status of the monitored infrastructures and delivered such data to the IGWs installed in the buses, every time any of them came in the Wi-Fi range. The IGWs then successfully forwarded the IoT data to the Service Platform that was registered it all the incoming sensor measures in the internal data lake. Also, the partners were satisfied to notice that the Content Delivery Solution was perfectly functioning inside the bus. 

The 1st SCENE pilot fully achieved its objectives. That wouldn’t be, of course, possible without the dedicated effort from all partners during the past months and, specially, during the last weeks when they conducted several integration tests of all the different components of the SCENE Platform. However, there is still plenty of work to do concerning the pilot. 

The bar for the next pilot, to be held in Portugal in January, is definitely very high!

See you again next year!