Interview of Baptiste Polvé, project manager at CEA (France). 

Can you introduce yourself and your organization?

My name is Baptiste Polvé, I am a research engineer at Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique. The goal of our company is to render innovation possible in many sectors of the industry. We manage research and development projects at CEA and we provide solutions for different kinds of industry leaders.

What is your role in the SCENE project ?

In the SCENE project, CEA is going to manage the security of the platform, in terms of specifications. For us, it is also an opportunity to develop a new intrusion detection system. We already are working on such systems but here we introduce a capability about mobility of the different probes. The intelligent gateway will be used as a network probe.

What is the challenge of this mobile platform for you?

The main challenge for us is that we have to respect low-consumption requirements so we have to adapt our intrusion detection system. And also we have to manage a diversity of sensors, so we will develop a framework able to operate with a range of various sensors.