The 2nd phase of pilots’ second pilot took place on the 15th of December, at AMT historical depot & car park complex, based in Catania – in the Sicily Region.


The Pilot focus was monitoring infrastructures and buildings of heritage value by using IoT sensors. A total of six sensor units have been deployed in the historical building to be monitored. They are equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes and thermometer modules. An additional BLE gateway was used to collect all the beacon sensors data and forward them to the three SCENE IGWs available, two of them installed in buses and the third one inside the building.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, only AMT staff participated in presence to the pilot. The other Consortium partners attended the pilot in a MS Teams virtual room, set up for all the duration of the pilot.

The Consortium has successfully deployed this complex test environment to validate the final prototype of the SCENE Platform. More than one million of different IoT sensor measures have been received, processed, and registered in the SCENE data lake during all the Pilot.

Please find here the video of the Italian pilot. The next video to come will be on the French pilot. Stay tuned.