The 3rd pilot of the SCENE Project was conducted by JCP- Connect (France) on the 9th of October, in Rennes.

The tests included a live Microsoft Teams’ session, thus assuring the remote presence of AlmavivA (Italy) and VisionWare (Portugal); as well as the local support of University of Rennes 1.

The French use case (Smart Environment) aims at extending current practices in Air quality measurements by providing an end-to-end urban platform in the Rennes Metropolitan area, thus allowing citizens to access and use data on air quality and policymakers to make informed decisions.

The pilot demonstrated the possibility of installing sensors in public transports or private cars, using it as a way to monitor air pollution levels within the whole city, instead of what is currently done in Rennes – fixed locations.

However, the restrictions due to Covid-19, introduced difficulties and delay on executing the pilot as scheduled initially. It was not possible to install the sensor and the Intelligent Gateway into buses. Therefore, the material was placed in a private car.

The Air Quality Sensor was provided by University of Rennes 1. It’s based on Alphasense OPC-N3. The sensor uses laser beams to detect particles from 0.35 micron to 40 microns in diameter with 24 bins (0.35 to 40 µm with 24 bins for OPC-N3). Count measurements are converted into mass concentrations of PM1.0, PM2.5 & PM10 using embedded algorithms.

The Intelligent Gateway was placed in a car, in order to collect, parse, process and transmit sensor data in real-time to the SCENE Service Platform, physically located in Almaviva premises in Italy, where advanced analytics functions were made.

During the session, the team was able to verify that the IGWs successfully forwarded the Air Quality data to the Service Platform internal data lake.

Additionally, during the session, the Content Delivery features were tested thanks to the Wi-Fi coverage provided by the Intelligent Gateway to the passengers in the car. Also, the partners were satisfied to notice that the Content Delivery solution was perfectly functioning inside the car.

To conclude, despite the difficulties and delay encountered, the 3rd SCENE pilot fully achieved its objectives. That wouldn’t be, of course, possible without the dedicated effort from all partners during the past months and, specially, during the last weeks when they conducted several integration tests of all the different components of the SCENE Platform.

The team is now moving on to prepare the second phase of pilots, starting with Catania in Italy by the end of October.

Stay tuned!